About Bjorn Hansen

About Bjorn Hansen

Bjorn Hansen has worked within the photography industry for over four decades. During the early years as a photographer, he was employed by a newspaper within his hometown and had also taught photography in evening classes, whilst also working with portraits, fashion shows and other events. During these formative years as photographer, he recognised and appreciated the power of an image and the story it was able to convey. This had led him to experiment with the merging of images into a single, synthesised composition.

It is this enduring appreciation and commitment to his art which has transported Bjorn beyond the image. He recognises the character of an image and has explored ways in which to convey this character as a third dimension to his photography. He achieves this through fusing images together into the one, consolidated image.

This concept of ‘fusion photography’ takes two previously unrelated entities and melds them together into the one synthesized photographic image. The first image represents a living entity, while the second image represents the essence or character of the first (image). The two components which Bjorn has chosen to synthesize are an image of a living being (typically a female form), and the second image is of a natural or man-made, non-living structure- for example, a mechanical device, a cliff-face, a flower, a waterfall, or other such element.

While his choice of images is critical to an evocative composition, it is at the point of marrying the images that the creative composition process takes place. Bjorn assesses each image, to determine how he will synthesize the human and non-human forms into the one fused composition. This process takes place within Photoshop ©, where elements of the first image are accentuated, whilst other elements are muted.

Likewise, elements of the second image are bought into sharp focus, whilst other components are masked. An overlaying of the one image over the other then creates the constructed relationship between the two-. There are many alternate images which may be created with this technique – the greater the image complexities, the greater the potential variations-. As a result of this image fusion (and orchestration of amplified and muted image elements), the photographic composition is brought to life, with a compelling story to tell-. Images may communicate a story of joy, sadness, regret, helplessness, hope, despair, or a myriad of other emotions.

These emotions are conveyed through the personification of structures (A Night at the Opera), or the mechanisation of a human being (Welcome to the Machine) to name but a couple of compositions. It is the fusion of these traditionally unrelated elements which Bjorn has conceived and brought to life within his art- a composition which tells a story.

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